Pablo’s Baptism


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God’s Word will never return void. Several years ago I met Pablo in his home suffering from the desperate consequences of some truly bad choices. His mother had called me while I was making another visit, asking me to quickly come over. Without going into all the details it was really a bad and even scary situation. I was asked to do what I could including pray for Pablo. Of course, I made sure to preach the gospel.

Time passed and I had minimal contact with Pablo. In fact, I returned to the States for a furlough, plus he, his wife, Tamara, and their two daughters actually moved out of state for several months. He had continued to make bad choices, but the Lord continued to use the Scriptures on his heart and in his conscience. Toward the end of 2016, without me knowing, he called up on the Lord.

One day, a few months back, he showed up at our church with his family. I was very happy to see him, and especially happy when he returned multiple times. I began to visit him on occasion. He made it known to me that he and his family would like to join our church. I made it clear that this would require Continue reading


Understanding & Praying for Brazil in 2017

Often as missionaries we are called upon to speak for the country in which we serve. This is a somewhat complicated task nowadays, especially due to how “public” one’s comments are as compared to 50 years ago. The below video serves very well to show the effects of socialism and political corruption, and it is presented from a Brazilian’s perspective!

I encourage all of our praying supporters to watch this short video. It will help you better understand what has occurred in this country over the past several years.

As always, if you ever have questions for us about Brazil, our family or our ministry, do not hesitate to contact us! And, if you are ever wanting to pay us a visit, we will gladly help you do so!



Looking Forward to 2017


In 1997 God made His call clear to me: that I was to be a missionary in Brazil. 12+ years passed before I would actually arrive on the field. At that point, I had gained a wife and three children. We now have five little ones, and have just completed seven years of ministry in this, the largest country in South America!

God has been with us the entire way.

On New Year’s Eve our city of about 40,000 hosts a large concert/fireworks show that draws attention from all around the state. It was our desire, however, to gather the church together for a special dinner and church service to reflect on what the Lord has done in the work here and to look forward to the future. We had a great turnout and the blessing of God working in hearts.

Upon showing a video of the work God has done in my life since my childhood and also in this work since its beginning in mid-2012, I was able to speak to the people about His sovereign hand in this ministry. I specifically challenged them to be the generation that seeks God’s face, using Psalm 24. Afterword, we had a singspiration and several people gave their testimonies. Things went later than planned, but that did not stop the people from staying for a time of games and further fellowship until just before midnight, when the city’s fireworks were set off.

The folks of the church are selecting Bible verses to memorize that will serve as their theme for the new year. Though God’s Word has yet much to do in this fledgling work, we are deeply grateful for your prayers. God has answered and blessed!

If you would like to see more photos from this encouraging evening, please click the link below:

Special Photo Album of Event



July 4th Weekend in Brazil

The Brazilian state of Rondônia is roughly the size of Oregon. Rondônia, however, is much newer (founded in 1982) with a population of 1.749 million as of 2014, less than half or Oregon. This being the case, Rondônia is a land of settlers, their children and grandchildren. The presence of missionaries has been limited, but within the past decade that number has increased a good bit. For July 4th, we were able to get together with many of them for a traditional American cookout and even fireworks!


There were folks representing seven different missionary families in attendance. Being able to catch up with each other’s lives and ministries was a tremendous blessing. Of course, thinking once again about the blessings we have as Americans leaves us extremely grateful.

The Tyler family is serving several hours south of us in the city of Vilhena. They arrived a day early, and were about to be in our church service. Jeremy both preached and played the piano. It was a great service, and several decisions were made.

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If you’d like to see more photos of these special days and all of the month of July, please click below:

Brazilian Valentine’s Day

In Brazil, Valentine’s Day is on the 12th of June. The actual name for this special day, I reckon, would be Sweetheart Day in English. It is always a great time for churches to emphasize that dating done right should lead to a godly, Christ-honoring marriage.

This year we kept things simple with a few sermons that led up to the special day. Sadly, immorality is even further down the road here than in the States. That may be hard for some to believe. Typically once a couple begins to date, they quickly begin to refer to each other’s families as in-laws. They call each other husband and wife. This often happens even before they are living together. Repeatedly we have found out that a “married” couple was not married at all.

We thank the Lord for the sensitivity of several people we have worked concerning this matter. This has not, however, led everyone who visits or attends our church to correct their relationship status. We have discussed why people are so averse to being legitimately married, and they tell us that marriage is in many ways like prison. Right now they can live together without feeling so bound up, and if things don’t work out, it is much less expensive to separate. So, our mission to encourage godliness, even in this area, will continue. We pray they would begin to value true lifelong commitments consecrated by vows before God as of much more value than a loose-living relationship.

Your prayers for this would be deeply appreciated. We need God’s wisdom and tender hearts. The spiritual progress of a church is directly connected to its obedience to the Biblical pattern.


Sweetheart Day

If you would like to see photos for the month of June, please click the link below:

Photo Album

The following was in Gleanings from the Missionary a few months back.

Biblical Marriage  

What constitutes a legitimate marriage in God’s eyes? A wedding ceremony? Signed documents? Government recognition? Vows? Physical union? The mere declaration that two people are now one? The birth of children? The Bible has the answer, though a perfunctory reading will not be able to draw it out. This is primarily because the Bible is not an explicit handbook on marriage, but a record of lives, events, laws, genealogies, writings and so forth wherein the nature of marriage is instead simply assumed. Marriage’s conditions, then, are a given in Scripture, and we must draw from multiple implications the nature of marriage. This is not to say that the Scriptures keep things vague. On the contrary, a careful study of the Bible yields tremendous results in this area, and shows there is certainly an accepted pattern for a marriage to be legitimate. The lazy reader, however, will not discover this, neither will the soul who already has a predisposition to accept perversions of marriage. Having lived in America, and known only a Christian home, my conscience has been hardwired to view marriage in a particular way, and it was only through witnessing the constant immorality in our field of service, that I realized I had never systematized my theology of marriage. This realization has only grown with the coming of marriages between people of the same gender, and so forth. Seeking counsel from other missionaries, and my own personal Bible study have yielded some very helpful results, and I hope these gleanings can also be of help to you. I’d like to highlight several points that hopefully will be a blessing to others seeking God’s answer on marriage. [1] Marriage is founded on man’s general need of a helper fit for him (Gen. 2:18), though not all people are required to have a spouse (Matt. 19:12). [2] Marriage is symbolic of the extremely vital relationship between Christ and His church (Eph. 5:22-33). [3] Marriage is brought together by God (Gen. 2:18-25; Matt. 19:6). [4] Marriage is between a man and a woman (Gen. 2:18-25; Rom. 1:26-28). [5] Marriage is a covenant between the man and woman, and their families and God (Mal. 2:14; Gen. 24; Pv 2:17). [6] Marriage is an inseparable bond, through vows publicly recognized and binding, which can only be extinguished through death (though, in the Old Testament law, divorce was structured into an orderly process due to the people’s hard hearts) (Gen. 2:18-25; Deut. 22:13-30; 24; Matt. 5:31, 32; 19:7-12; Mc 10:1-12). [7] Marriage is not mere sexual activity by two people who agree to live together (Deut. 24; Jn. 4:18). [8] Marriage, born out of a public ceremony, is significant enough to God that of the few events we know Christ attended, a marriage ceremony was one of them (Jn. 2:1-11). [9] Marriage is useful to help avoid sex outside of marriage (which is the sin of fornication) (I Cor. 7).  [10] Marriage, as presented in Scripture, is rooted in the Jewish betrothal process which included a very clear public declaration that a man and woman were permanently joined together, such that there were penalties for abandoning it or violating it. Beyond these basic gleanings, it should be noted that (1) God’s permission of polygamy in the Old Testament is not the same as His condoning it, (2) though within the biblical culture it appears that government recognition of the marriage is not required to make it legit, within a culture where such recognition is the norm, the believer is best to go through with it to avoid all appearance of evil, (3) a mere private agreement between two individuals to live together is never endorsed in Scripture nor shown to be a legitimate marriage, and (4) the modern attack on marriage should make us, as believers, just that much more alert to keep everything above board.