Three-Day Conference | July 25-27

This week the Independent Baptist Church of Ouro Preto do Oeste will have the privilege of hearing sermons from the Brazilian church planter, Isaías Divino! This is our first three-day conference. Needless to say, aside from praying and working through the stress and details in order to be able to realize this meeting, we are very excited.

The Lord permitting, there will be families in attendance from our church, our community and even from other cities. Our great desire is that the church will be encouraged and helped, our preacher will be used of God, souls will be saved, lives will be permanently changed for the glory of God and Christ will be thoroughly exalted!

We ask for your prayers. You have faithfully kept up with our ministry. We are very grateful for you support, and count on you bringing our names and ministry before God’s throne.

The Lord has already been blessing by meeting needs, raising up people of the congregation (and outside it) to help with costs and food, and also stirring up people to attend. We are still looking to the Lord to make this a great conference. In our understanding, a great conference is one in which God works in people’s lives personally, and they respond wholeheartedly. We ask you pray that this would be the case this week!

The meeting starts on Wednesday and goes through Friday night.

Thank you!

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