Quick Prayer Request: First Mission Conference

Our little church is one day away from its first ever Mini-Missions Conference! Decorations have been going up. Music is being prepared. A Brazilian missionary to India, Bro. Jefferson, will be presenting the Lord’s work in India both at our Saturday night banquet and in our Sunday services.


Most of our church members have never met a missionary to a foreign field. The entire idea of reaching beyond Brazil’s borders is a new concept.

Our church has not become self-supporting, so with this first mission conference we will be addressing the need to not only give to support our church but to also support missionaries around the world.

We want to say two things to our supporters.

  1. Thank you for your mission conferences! You have set a great example for us. We will be hosting an international banquet, highlighting Japan and India with videos and a visiting missionary, discussing mission and, of course, hearing great preaching. Our effort to take care of Bro. Jefferson and his family has been inspired by all of your great kindness to us.
  2. Please pray for this conference. As excited as we are, we are not sure what to expect. We believe attendance will be good; we are just not sure how much the people grasp; therefore, we can only ask that God does a work in their hearts by means of this conference.

God bless you and thank you for praying!

John Kokenzie and family


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