The Brazilian state of Rondônia is roughly the size of Oregon. Rondônia, however, is much newer (founded in 1982) with a population of 1.749 million as of 2014, less than half or Oregon. This being the case, Rondônia is a land of settlers, their children and grandchildren. The presence of missionaries has been limited, but within the past decade that number has increased a good bit. For July 4th, we were able to get together with many of them for a traditional American cookout and even fireworks!


There were folks representing seven different missionary families in attendance. Being able to catch up with each other’s lives and ministries was a tremendous blessing. Of course, thinking once again about the blessings we have as Americans leaves us extremely grateful.

The Tyler family is serving several hours south of us in the city of Vilhena. They arrived a day early, and were about to be in our church service. Jeremy both preached and played the piano. It was a great service, and several decisions were made.

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