March 2016 Updates

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March was dedicated to the Easter story in our church.

On the first Sunday of the month, I preached a sermon on the revealing details of Christ’s humanity and prayer in Gethsemane. The second Sunday’s sermon was on Christ’s seven sayings from the cross. The third was on the infallible proofs of the Resurrection.

These three messages were preparatory for the final Sunday of the month, in which we presented an Easter Cantata. We retold the story of Christ’s suffering and resurrection through preaching, teaching, singing and piano playing.

It was a true joy to have the participation of my family as well as a handful of the church folks. Some sang, others played piano and others spoke. The Lord really brought it together. Praise His name!

One of the men in church speaking about Christ’s suffering. He and all the others did very well. We were delighted in seeing how prepared they came.

The last Sunday of each month is also birthday night. We had 5 people in attendance with March birthdays. That made it extra special. We have been encouraged by having nearly everyone stay afterwards to serve the goodies and participate in this after-church fellowship.

Our emphasis for April is “Friends in April.” As the Lord leads, we plan to make the final Sunday a sort of climax, with a special Friend Day.

We again want to thank each of you, especially those of you who go out of your way to personally let us know of your prayers. This church has been touched by God through your efforts. Please continue to pray, for all the blessings tucked away in the above photos, there is yet so much that needs to take place in hearts. The burden sometimes grows very heavy. Pray the Lord undergirds for us.

If you would like to see all of March’s photos, click below:


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