We would like to ask you to pray for us as we seek a larger facility to rent for our church services. Our current location has served us very well, but it has been difficult lately on Sunday evenings to have room for visitors. We could still squeeze a few more folks in, but we are concerned that some may eventually not enter just because things are tight.

Pictures: Church Services | June, July 2015

We really desire the mind of the Lord. The group we have has been quite faithful to the services, but until each becomes an official member, we know that a full commitment has not been yet made. Some may eventually go elsewhere. We, therefore, are wanting to act with a measure of caution and discernment, and at the same time, in faith.

A few men of the church are actively helping us search. We are finding a very wide range of prices, locations and buildings. Basically we desire a building that includes three parts: an auditorium, a bathroom and a Sunday School room for the children. Of course, if we had something with more rooms, we would certainly take advantage of them!

Your prayers would be deeply appreciated!