Thiago’s Baptism

Prior to our return to the field, we prayed God would have people ready for us. The Lord graciously answered that prayer! He opened the door up for me to meet Thiago, lead him to Christ, baptize him and begin his discipleship. He has been such a fun person to work with!

10952807_776707405746598_637757932_nThiago is Junior’s cousin. (Junior was the first person to show interest in our ministry upon our arrival in Ouro Preto do Oeste back in 2012.) Shortly after returning, Junior took me out to his farm to meet some of the workers there. Thiago was present. Handing me a Bible, Junior asked if I’d preach a little to them.

I knew this was a gospel opportunity, and so opened God’s Word to Ephesians 2:8-10. Of the four hearers, two bowed their heads, calling on Christ to save them. Thiago was one of those dear souls!




He readily admits that his life has been anything but holy. He gladly received Christ and has been over to our home repeatedly ever since. He is full of questions. He also has his struggles, and we ask you to pray for him. He has some very important decisions to make, and we want him to trust the Lord with those instead of relying on the flesh.

11008903_776707575746581_950935155_nAlso, please pray for the others with whom we have made contact through Thiago. God has opened a door, and we want His fullest blessings as we go through it!

Thank you for your prayers and support!


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