Pablo’s Baptism


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God’s Word will never return void. Several years ago I met Pablo in his home suffering from the desperate consequences of some truly bad choices. His mother had called me while I was making another visit, asking me to quickly come over. Without going into all the details it was really a bad and even scary situation. I was asked to do what I could including pray for Pablo. Of course, I made sure to preach the gospel.

Time passed and I had minimal contact with Pablo. In fact, I returned to the States for a furlough, plus he, his wife, Tamara, and their two daughters actually moved out of state for several months. He had continued to make bad choices, but the Lord continued to use the Scriptures on his heart and in his conscience. Toward the end of 2016, without me knowing, he called up on the Lord.

One day, a few months back, he showed up at our church with his family. I was very happy to see him, and especially happy when he returned multiple times. I began to visit him on occasion. He made it known to me that he and his family would like to join our church. I made it clear that this would require Continue reading

Understanding & Praying for Brazil in 2017

Often as missionaries we are called upon to speak for the country in which we serve. This is a somewhat complicated task nowadays, especially due to how “public” one’s comments are as compared to 50 years ago. The below video serves very well to show the effects of socialism and political corruption, and it is presented from a Brazilian’s perspective!

I encourage all of our praying supporters to watch this short video. It will help you better understand what has occurred in this country over the past several years.

As always, if you ever have questions for us about Brazil, our family or our ministry, do not hesitate to contact us! And, if you are ever wanting to pay us a visit, we will gladly help you do so!



Looking Forward to 2017


In 1997 God made His call clear to me: that I was to be a missionary in Brazil. 12+ years passed before I would actually arrive on the field. At that point, I had gained a wife and three children. We now have five little ones, and have just completed seven years of ministry in this, the largest country in South America!

God has been with us the entire way.

On New Year’s Eve our city of about 40,000 hosts a large concert/fireworks show that draws attention from all around the state. It was our desire, however, to gather the church together for a special dinner and church service to reflect on what the Lord has done in the work here and to look forward to the future. We had a great turnout and the blessing of God working in hearts.

Upon showing a video of the work God has done in my life since my childhood and also in this work since its beginning in mid-2012, I was able to speak to the people about His sovereign hand in this ministry. I specifically challenged them to be the generation that seeks God’s face, using Psalm 24. Afterword, we had a singspiration and several people gave their testimonies. Things went later than planned, but that did not stop the people from staying for a time of games and further fellowship until just before midnight, when the city’s fireworks were set off.

The folks of the church are selecting Bible verses to memorize that will serve as their theme for the new year. Though God’s Word has yet much to do in this fledgling work, we are deeply grateful for your prayers. God has answered and blessed!

If you would like to see more photos from this encouraging evening, please click the link below:

Special Photo Album of Event